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As a small business, we understand how difficult it can be to master all the different challenges required to plan and deliver a marketing, HR or communication strategy.

That's why we apply our unique, human-centred design approach to develop a successful strategy by listening to your stakeholders and employees. Whether you need to review and define your behaviour change strategy, audit your communications, conduct a survey or simply need help with delivery of your strategy we can support you on ad-hoc project basis or on a retained basis.

We appoint a lead consultant who can guide and advise your team or work with you 1:1. We can work on a day rate, offer you one of our consultancy packages or develop bespoke solutions based on your requirements and budget.

If you need that trusted advisor we are there for you on the phone, face-to-face or assist through strategic in-house sessions and workshops.



We feel a solid strategy and communicating with your audience alone is not quite enough! That’s why we help you identify key influencers who will lead and drive behaviour change from within your business. Through the power of organisational network analysis we can identify and map the social influencer network that exists within your organisation.

We have developed a proprietary process that enables ‘social alignment’ so that your people can have common goals and a shared current reality, leading to improved performance and innovation. We combine organisational network analysis with behavioural science research and best practice in change management, social alignment and internal communication in order to help you realise effective organisational and behaviour change projects that are sustainable.

Whether this is to help engage your people on a journey of organisational change, inspire a new leadership strategy, improve sales performance or customer service levels, implement a recognition & reward strategy, acquire and retain the right talent or enable digital transformation. Our unique process to transform your workforce by identifying your key influencers and working with them gives you the ability to influence 85% of conversations in your business!

Please contact us to find out how we apply our innovative approach to transform your business.


We build and strengthen communication channels in the knowledge that engaged employees are more productive; giving you the competitive edge and achieving sustainable growth for your business.

Like you, we would struggle to do everything we promise to help you grow without the help of a fantastic team of experts around us. These are specialists who we have worked with and trust implicitly. Partners who deliver outstanding and sometimes award-winning behaviour change and communication projects. We could not do it without them!

Together we work as a team to deliver compelling brand positioning and employer branding, engaging onboarding and HR communication, inspiring internal communication, motivational performance improvement, recognition & reward programmes, transformational behaviour change, aspirational vision and values and creative marketing communication.

We’re always open to new and innovative ideas and different approaches. If you feel you have writers, designers and digital experts you’d prefer us to work with then we’re equally happy to tap into your source of knowledge and adopt new ways of working.

Please contact us to discuss how we can build and strengthen your communications.

The power of effective communication to inspire people and influence behaviour change.
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