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Whether it’s identifying your brand assets, developing and shaping your brand proposition and guidelines, building your company culture, realigning your corporate narrative with your business goals or defining your employer brand, we combine the expertise of brand consultancy with a deep understanding of culture change and marketing & HR best practice to help you sharpen your corporate and employer brand identity.

An inspiring employee value proposition, as part of a stimulating and inclusive culture, should be at the heart of any business in its mission to provide a positive employee and customer experience. We help you build an engaging and inclusive culture where people work towards a common goal enabling you to shape your communication strategy and focusing on connecting with the right talent.

All too often, senior leaders set out on introducing a new culture, as part of a merger & acquisition or reorganisation, with the right intentions only for ‘business as usual’ to take over. By combining senior leaders, HR and marketing teams in the development of your company culture and your employer brand we can bring together expertise and embark on a shared journey to enable and embed a positive employee and customer experience.

Drawing on our own experience and applying our unique approach, we can use the power of informal influencers and, combined with the power of consistent and impactful communication, bring your brand and culture to life to achieve your most ambitious goals.

Brand Strategy & Consultancy

Brand Guidelines & Identity

Corporate & Strategic Narrative

Employer Brand & Employee Value Proposition

Mission & Vision

Culture, Values & Behaviours

So, where do we fit in?

We help you build brand and culture by:

Bringing a structured process and our ideas to your brand and culture

Motivating and working with all business areas

Guiding you and facilitating culture workshops

Developing employer brand and culture

Communicating mission, vision and values

Demonstrating and measuring desired behaviours

Your brand and culture is:

Owned by you.
It’s the responsibility of the leadership team to shape it, own it and embed it. Therefore, we believe that the leaders need to develop it.

Developed with your people.
Your people are your most important assets. From the onset they need to be involved in shaping and providing input into your employer brand and culture. They talk, listen and interact with suppliers, customers, stakeholders and each other every day, they 'live and breathe' the ethos, vision and values and understand how the business functions and succeeds better than anyone else.

Enjoyed by all.
No employer brand and culture can be delivered and enjoyed by its leaders alone. It needs to share success stories demonstrating desired behaviours from all parts of the business; stories that your people have developed, own and take responsibility for. Each and every employee should have the ability and desire to be part of and shape the brand and culture that will bring long-term individual, team and business success.

I really enjoyed working with you on our new brands, you were outstanding at pulling the whole team together.

General Manager, Argos

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