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Organisations choose to review their strategies for many different reasons: poor performance, a restructure, change in leadership or two cultures coming together in a merger. Not only are there many different reasons and different approaches to rallying your people behind a different vision and purpose. The challenge is always to come up with a solid strategy that is well thought through, has considered the options available and sets clear objectives and planned outcomes before you embark on your journey of change or transformation.

The core of any business strategy is about having a clear direction and purpose of what you are trying to achieve; it needs to be clear about who your audience is, what it is you want them to change and how you’re going to engage your audiences on that journey of change. The two key questions to ask here are: Will your people be motivated, and will they be able to join in and deliver on the goals of the business transformation?

So, have you set out a strategy that is meaningful and gives direction? Is there a shared vision and purpose for the organisation? Is your audience clear about their role within this and do they understand the thinking behind developing your strategy?

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So, where do we fit in?

We help you develop a strategy by:

Bringing a structured process and new ideas for different ways of working

Challenging your thinking and asking questions

Guiding you and facilitating strategy workshops

Distilling the essence of the vision and purpose

Conducting surveys, audits, health checks or research

Stimulating your thoughts

Your strategy is:

Owned by you.
It’s the responsibility of the leadership team to understand it, own it and make it happen. Therefore, we believe that the leaders need to develop it.

Developed with your people.
Your people are your most important assets. From the onset they need to be involved in shaping and providing input into the strategy. They are full of ideas and understand the market, the environment, the customers and their role in the business better than anyone else.

Delivered by all.
No strategy can be delivered by its leaders alone. It needs an actionable plan that your people have developed, own and take responsibility for delivering. A plan that will change the way your people think, feel and behave and that will bring long-term sustainable change.

“Revenue levels are 4.5 times higher for companies with high employee engagement scores.”

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