Communications Audit and Dental Care Market Access Strategy

Our work

The Client

Oral-B is a market leader in dental care products and actively promotes products and services to the dental industry through events, marketing literature, advertising, POS and sampling, PR and direct sales calls.

Only 21% of people keep their communication and language simple and jargon-free.


The brief

The client wanted an analysis and evaluation of the current marketing communication identifying areas to save costs and optimise the overall communication strategy. They also wanted a more focused and targeted approach for each segment of the dental care market.

The challenge

The main challenge through this project was the target audience; trying to reach busy decision makers within dental practices and communicating with a diverse wholesale market.

The outcome

After a segmented sample was selected from the target markets, qualitative feedback and insight was gained which resulted in a more cost-effective marketing and communication strategy. This allowed Oral-B to make substantial savings in its advertising spend and encouraged a more diverse and unified approach to their marketing communication and customer engagement.

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