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Our story

At ClearVoice, we help you develop employee engagement and change strategies that inspire your people and influence behaviour change to deliver sustainable business transformation. Working with c-suite and senior executives, people, HR and communication teams we are often at the heart of achieving your most aspirational goals.

For over 20 years, we have worked with clients from a variety of private and public sectors such as higher education and local government, charity, healthcare and pharmaceutical, financial services and fintech, technology, food and hospitality and property.

Led by our senior consultant, Silke Brittain, we are a team of talented individuals from consultants and strategists, writers and creatives to digital experts and producers who are proud of their expertise, integrity, passion and values. We approach every project with the same excitement, enthusiasm and commitment; that’s what develops us as people and drives us as a team to deliver outstanding, award-winning solutions for you. It’s this combination of talent, passion and dedication that sets us apart from our competitors.

We believe, our particular experience in stakeholder and employee engagement, organisational and culture change, business strategy and performance improvement and organisational development and design, puts us in a unique position to influence and change the way people think, feel and behave.

As partners, we are a passionate team of experts and make it our mission to inspire, motivate and transform your people by helping you deliver sustainable change management through a positive customer and employee experience.

Our vision

Bring people more closely together by developing cohesive teams to deliver successful change strategies.

Enable all employees to share and engage with the overall strategic narrative and direction in order to achieve one common goal and objective.

Involve employees as an integral part of your strategic and business change journey and allow all stakeholders to join the conversation.

"You were outstanding at pulling together the whole team and engaging everyone."

General Manager HS&M, Argos

Our team