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Good change management is a key part of the success of any project whether it’s a digital transformation programme, introducing a new culture, new processes and ways of working or a restructure following a merger, acquisition or crisis.

All too often, organisations set out with a vision of what their ambition and goals are of what they’re aiming to achieve without considering the change in behaviour that is required of people. It not only involves a clear vision and well-articulated strategic narrative, committed leaders and engaging managers. For people to adopt new ways of working you have to first change the way they behave and to change their behaviour you have to change the way they think. This can, in some cases, require a herculean effort in communicating, motivating, training and even recognising and rewarding people for their efforts in embarking on the change journey with you.

Drawing on our experience and applying our own unique approach, we use the power of organisational network analysis to influence and deliver sustainable change. By identifying the network of internal influencers and aligning them with the strategy, we have the ability to affect and change the mindset of the majority of your people.

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So, where do we fit in?

We help you influence and deliver change by:

Bringing a structured process to your change initiative

Motivating and creating a vision for change

Identifying and mapping your influencer network

Developing support through mentoring and training

Communicating the vision and maintaining momentum

Consolidating and embedding the vision

Your change initiative is:

Owned by you.
It’s the responsibility of the change management team to understand it, own it and make it happen. Therefore, we believe that the change leaders need to develop it.

Developed with your people.
Your people are your most important assets in achieving a successful change initiative. From the onset key influencers need to be identified and involved in shaping and providing input into the initiative. They need to be convinced that the business and they, in their role as influencers, have the tools, ability and motivation that allows everyone to adopt the changes and new ways of working.

Delivered by all.
No change initiative can be delivered by its change management team alone. It needs an actionable plan that your influencers and communication champions have developed, own and take responsibility for delivering. A plan that will surface and share success stories, demonstrate desired, role-model behaviours and reward outcomes to change the way your people think, feel and behave and bring long-term sustainable change.

The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence; it is to act with yesterday's logic.

Peter Drucker

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