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We enjoy meeting people and sharing our passion for employee engagement, communication and culture change by hosting or speaking at events. As volunteer ambassadors for Engage for Success we have created a new online forum to help deliver its mission of promoting employee engagement as a better way to work. These events are free to attend and support organisations to overcome the many challenges in 2020. Find out which events are coming up and sign up to discover new insights or join the conversation. Alternatively, check out some of our previous events and boost your knowledge by watching on demand, the choice is yours.

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Join us in one of our masterclasses from employee engagement, culture change to creative thinking and innovation. Alternatively, talk to us about bespoke leadership training.

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Explore and read our work from a selection of clients across pharmaceutical, professional services, property, retail and more. Want to hear more? Then contact us to find out about their case studies and outcomes.

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Resilience, Empowering, Self-Organisation

Resilience = Empowering and Self-Organisation

Why now is the time to give your people more say It’s six months since the UK locked down. Autumn knocks on the door. The economy […]
Motivate, Mentor and Manage People Remotely, Employee Engagement, motivation, millennials, rules of engagement, ClearVoice Comms, Silke Brittain

How to Motivate, Mentor and Manage People Remotely

It’s always a pleasure to come across managing directors who ‘get’ employee engagement. Leaders who apply the principles thoughtfully, creatively and constantly and in a way […]
Mental Health and Wellbeing, Silke Brittain, ClearVoice

Supporting Employees’ Mental Health and Wellbeing

According to the Mental Health Foundation one in seven people experience mental health and wellbeing problems at work. A figure that is likely to increase significantly […]
Stay connected in times of uncertainty, COVID-19, coronavirus, times of uncertainty, crisis, rapid change, be agile, be human, be virtually visible, Silke Brittain, ClearVoice, pulse survey

How to ‘Stay Connected’ in Times of Uncertainty

People and organisations around the world are frantically trying to adapt to the unprecedented changes to our work and lifestyle. Whether it’s adjusting to social distancing, […]

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