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We enjoy meeting people and sharing our passion for employee engagement, communication and culture change by hosting or speaking at events. As volunteer ambassadors for Engage for Success we have created a new online forum to help deliver its mission of promoting employee engagement as a better way to work. These events are free to attend and support organisations to overcome the many challenges in 2020. Find out which events are coming up and sign up to discover new insights or join the conversation. Alternatively, check out some of our previous events and boost your knowledge by watching on demand, the choice is yours.

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Join us in one of our masterclasses from employee engagement, culture change to creative thinking and innovation. Alternatively, talk to us about bespoke leadership training.

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Explore and read our work from a selection of clients across pharmaceutical, professional services, property, retail and more. Want to hear more? Then contact us to find out about their case studies and outcomes.

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The impact on company culture in an era of remote working

After a year of near continuous remote working what’s been the impact on company culture and what can you do to preserve it?

How to use Technology for Measuring Engagement Success

Dry January doesn’t have to mean dry EFS panel discussion. On 14th January we put the marvellous into measuring engagement outcomes. Rachel Armstrong, L&D Business Partner […]

New Rules of Engagement

What we’ve learnt from our engagement forums during 2020 On 27th December 2019 a man in France was diagnosed with Covid-19. What happens when a completely […]

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