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Whether it’s setting your business strategy and sharing the strategic narrative with your people, developing your staff and engaging managers, listening to your employees and stakeholders and engaging them in the strategic direction or building an inclusive culture where people work towards a common goal, all aspects are key to a successful people strategy.

Employee engagement is based on trust, integrity, commitment and communication, but organisations often set their vision and people strategy without involving their most important assets, their people, at the centre of this. For organisations to be successful and achieve their goals it is essential that leaders, managers and employees are aligned.

This can be achieved by providing an inspirational, motivating and engaging employee experience right from the very beginning of talent recruitment, onboarding, personal development, employee benefits through to employee recognition and reward as part of an integrated people strategy. Often organisations enable their employees and stakeholders to join them on the journey by developing and delivering the strategy through a well-planned and thought-through employee value proposition.

Drawing on our behavioural science expertise, we combine rational with emotional thoughts as part of our approach to help you plan and deliver a successful strategy. Using the power of ‘heart and mind’, we have the ability to not only involve and engage your people at a rational and emotional level but get the most from your people and with your people.

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So, where do we fit in?

We help you get the most from your people by:

Bringing behavioural science expertise to engagement

Analysing and understanding your employee audience

Planning and developing a structured approach

Delivering creative communication

Setting outcome-based measures

Reviewing and improving engagement results

Your people strategy is:

Owned by you.
It’s the responsibility of the HR leadership team to understand it, own it and make it happen. Therefore, we believe that the HR leaders need to develop it.

Developed with your people.
Your people are your most important assets. Listening to your employees, actively seeking their input and developing common goals and values will lead to an enhanced sense of your people’s well-being and, as a result, a workforce who is motivated to contribute to your organisation’s success.

Reached by all.
Employee engagement is not something that is ‘done’ to your people, instead, develop and create the conditions in which they are motivated to all reach their full potential and offer more of their capability to contribute to higher personal and organisational performance.

Companies with high levels of engagement show employee turnover rate 40% lower than companies with low levels of engagement.

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