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Leadership and Management Development and Training

In this era of remote and hybrid working when employees are looking to their leaders and managers as never before ensuring that you, or they, possess the right people skills was never so important. Yet only half of line managers are rated as effective with people and communication skills one of the main challenges that's holding them, their teams and organisations back.

We can help you diagnose challenges and find solutions for whatever leadership and management development, training and engagement issues you're facing.


We have designed our masterclasses to empower leaders and managers to develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours they need to be their best and help their people thrive. They offer quick, effective solutions for raising capability in the most crucial, high-demand areas. They are delivered by us, contain all our expertise, experience and passion to provide you with a fully interactive and above all engaging experience.

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Performance Coaching

There are few more effective ways to improve someone’s performance than giving them time with a performance coach. Coaching enables someone to discover solutions to their goals or challenges and supports them in their journey towards creating the right outcome. It helps re-engage the disengaged and enables the engaged to perform better. It’s especially effective for leaders and managers in high pressure roles wanting to get the most out of their teams.
The evidence for the benefits and ROI of coaching are the reason companies rated the best companies to work for give their employees access to regular performance coaching and don’t just reserve it for their managers.

What our clients say...

"I run a charity which is undergoing considerable change and development and initially I wanted someone to talk to, to bat ideas around and to work with to realise some of the ideas I had. Mark offered much more than this; steering my thinking, challenging my approaches and supporting the idea of 'stepping into the space' as well as encouraging me to be bold and confident in my thinking and leadership style. The result has been a considerable shift both in work and outside. The coaching made a real difference to me and my organisation and we are now in a much better place."
Matt Dowse, CEO

"Sessions were challenging and insightful. Several times Mark had a thought or comment that really hit the nail on the head and captured an important point that I hadn't quite conceptualised myself yet. I came away with a better understanding of the problem and feeling much more confident about my own ability to deal with it. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone.”
Hannah Edwards, Communications Manager

At ClearVoice we know how effective coaching can be for supporting your people to perform to their full potential. We can offer coaching programmes tailored to your needs or train your managers in coaching skills.

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