Engage for Success Online Forum 11 March

Re-Inventing the Human Workplace Panel Discussion:
Transforming Company Culture in 2021

Transforming Company Culture in 2021
Thursday, 11th March 12-1pm

Kenlyn Klamper, VP People and Culture at Apkodo, Emma Rose Hurst, Culture and Engagement Director and Employee Experience Consultant at Novartis and Jane Roques-Shaw, Global Executive Director People Growth and Experience at Warner Media will be our guest speakers. They are looking forward to sharing their extensive culture and employee engagement skills, knowledge and experience with you.

During the panel discussion we'll explore:
1. How the pandemic is impacting culture and why you should prioritise culture in 2021.
2. How you can strengthen culture when teams are working remotely or are disparate.
3. What you can do to transform and co-create an engaging culture.
4. How to create a culture that encourages creative thinking and collaboration.
5. How to build resilience and empower people to be their best.

As always, you'll be able to join the conversation and ask questions for Kenlyn, Emma Rose and Jane to discuss with the wider audience.

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