Engage for Success Online Forum 3 December

Re-Inventing the Human Workplace Panel Discussion:
Talents and Teams in Transition

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Talents and Teams in Transition

Meirion Gravell, Group HR Director at Adelie Foods and Luke Hutchison, Head of HR at Ecosurety will be our guest speakers and will share some of his extensive talent skills and performance improvement knowledge and experience. We will explore challenges of maintaining performance in the light of expanding and shrinking teams. As part of the forum Meirion and Luke will touch on virtual onboarding, transitions and exit of team members and the effects on performance and productivity. As always, you'll be able to join the conversation and ask questions for Luke and Meirion to discuss with the wider audience.

In our conversation with Luke and Meirion on Thursday 3rd December, 12-1pm, we'll explore:
1. How the movement and transition of people affects team performance?
2. What is the best approach for virtual engagement as new talents join or people leave a team?
3. What steps can organisations take to give people transitioning in and out of teams the right virtual experience?
4. Purpose - how do we achieve this when teams are in a state of flux?
5. How do we ensure virtual talent acquisition and onboarding is effective and efficient?

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