Engage for Success Online Forum 18 June

Managing, Mentoring and Motivating a Remote Workforce

Share, Network and Inspire with our next Engage for Success Online Forum 18 June 3-4pm

We'd like to offer some support by inviting you to join our Engage for Success Online Forum which is free to attend. We're developing a calendar of post-COVID employee engagement topics based on the themes and challenges we are hearing from you and look forward to welcoming you at our next forum.
The aim is to share thoughts, listen to what others are experiencing and give or receive inspiration in a network of like-minded people.

Managing, mentoring and motivating a remote workforce

John Purnell, Managing Director of Anglepoise, will be our guest speaker and lead us into a conversation and discussion around managing, mentoring and motivating a remote workforce.

At our next event on Thursday 18th June, 3-4pm, we'll touch on:
1. How have your people adjusted to remote working?
2. Where and what changes have you made to adapt to remote ways of working?
3. How have you supported your managers to be 'engaging' with their reports?
4. What have you done to ensure purpose isn’t lost and work stays meaningful?
5. What systems allow your employees to have a voice?
6. How do you know what motivates your people?
7. Could you share examples on how you have managed to keep your people motivated and energised?

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