Employee Engagement Strategy and Development of Vision and Values

Our work

The Client

Bedfordia Group is a privately-owned British company based in Bedfordshire, specialising in agriculture, eco-technology and property sectors. Trading since the early 1930’s, the Group employs over 320 people across the three market sectors.

"Employee engagement is the emotional commitment the employee has to the organisation and its goals."

–Kevin Kruse

The brief

The Group wanted to design and deliver an employee engagement strategy which would help develop and drive integration of all employees in the Group’s overall vision and values post business acquisition.

The challenge

Following a new acquisition in the automotive sector, the challenge for the Group was to integrate the existing and new workforces with their diverse backgrounds from different sectors. The tradition and history of the business being in agriculture and property, the approach to integrate the different cultures, ways of working and values would not only need careful planning and managing. If not managed correctly, it could lead to uncertainties amongst existing employees, destabilise the business and have a detrimental effect on the future success of the business.

The outcome

After conducting an employee survey and communication audit, we developed and implemented a strategic plan for the vision and values of the Group. Setting a benchmark for measurement, leading and lagging indicator targets for increasing awareness of Group activities, communicating its vision and embedding values were set. Targets were measured via pulse surveys and qualitative feedback, employee engagement and communication tactics were adjusted and results exceeded by 21% within six months.

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