Coaching Skills Masterclass

Join senior leaders and managers for an interactive half-day masterclass.

A coaching approach is inherently empowering. As such it is one of the most effective ways managers or leaders can enable employees to work to their potential and be more engaged. Research shows that the best leaders and organisations regularly use coaching and that it is increasingly expected by younger generations. Yet many people don’t know how to coach or how use it to best effect. This interactive half-day masterclass is designed to get you sufficiently competent in coaching so that you can immediately obtain good results from it, enhancing your reputation as a masterful leader or manager.


To improve coaching and team leader skills and become more proficient at coaching, mentoring and developing others by;
1. increasing your confidence and competence in using a coaching approach;
2. improving your understanding and appreciation of coaching and of how, where and when to use it to get results;


The facilitator will introduce participants to the power of coaching. He will cover why it works, how it improves performance and engagement and how the best organisations use coaching. With the help of exercises and case studies you will explore the essential principles, skills and competencies of coaching. You will be trained in a popular coaching model and given simple and effective tools you can use. Most importantly you will be given plenty of opportunity to practise coaching so you will be confident to adopt a coaching approach in your workplace.
The masterclass covers:
1. What the coaching theory is including the neuroscience of coaching?
2. When and where is coaching most effective and how use it to best effect?
3. What the key principles, skills, behaviours and competencies of coaching are?
4. What popular coaching models, methods, tools and approaches to use?


Half a day


Online Masterclass: £199.00
Bespoke Masterclass: £399.00

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