Transformational Leadership Masterclass

Join senior leaders and managers for an interactive half-day masterclass.

Few global crises better demonstrate the difference good leadership can make than Covid-19. As we try to rebuild in a fractured, socially distanced world, businesses and organisations will be looking to their leaders like never before.
We’ve therefore designed this half-day class to inspire and up-skill you for the important task ahead. To enable you to identify what you need to do to become the leader your team and organisation needs you to be.

To improve and develop your leadership skills and become a more effective and accomplished leader by;
1. refreshing your appreciation of leadership; what it looks like, means and creates so you are more inspired to become the best leader you can be;
2. enabling you to identify the type of leader you are now, the one you want to be and your priority areas of leadership development;
3. facilitating you to bridge the gap between the leader you are now and the one you need to be; raising your skills and competence in some of the most important leadership competencies and behaviours.


The facilitator will guide you on an explorative journey that combines presentation with discussion and interactive coaching. The aim is you come away inspired, motivated and equipped with development actions to be the leader you need to be. The journey will begin by exploring what good leadership is, the main leadership types and what type you are. You’ll rate yourself as a leader and identify the areas you most want to give attention. We’ll explore some of the main blindspots, raise your performance in some of the key leadership attributes and end with an exploration of the future leadership need.
The masterclass covers:
1. Good versus great leadership; its difference to management and what it means in practice.
2. Diagnosis of your leadership type, leadership strengths and key development areas.
3. How to be a better leader by developing greater confidence, delegation, and communication.
4. Organisation and team needs; the future of leadership.


Half a day


Online Masterclass: £199.00
Bespoke Masterclass: £399.00

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