Time Management Masterclass

Join like-minded professionals for an interactive half-day masterclass.

The session is designed to explore what high achievers do to enable them to deliver more in the same amount of time than others. We explore the key tools and approaches used by high achievers to manage time well so that you can become equally effective and productive and with less stress. You will enjoy a mix of discussion and interactive work in a class that is designed to condense everything you need to gain mastery at managing your time in half a day.


To improve skills and become more productive at effectively managing time by;
1. becoming proficient in the best tools, techniques and approaches for improving time management and productivity;
2. being clear about the most important things for you to be focussing on and how to work this out;
3. discovering how your time gets stolen and learn effective strategies for preventing this;
4. becoming more confident in delegating so you can achieve more through others.


The facilitator will introduce you to best practice prioritisation tools to raise your day to day time management – the ‘what’. You’ll be given an opportunity to explore what really is most important – the ‘why’ (and why working this out is so important). You’ll explore approaches for establishing ‘when’ and how to go about your agreed tasks. Time will then be devoted to unpacking the many ways your time gets robbed and ‘ how’ you can overcome these. This will include improvements you can make to your behaviour, environment and use of technology.
The masterclass covers:
1. Proven tools for prioritising tasks so you know what you should be doing when and why;
2. Planning, scheduling, and methods of arranging your day for maximum efficiency;
3. The many ways your time gets stolen and what you can do to get it back;
4. Delegation, wellbeing, environment and technology.


Half a day


Online Masterclass: £199.00
Bespoke Masterclass: £399.00

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