Courageous Conversations Masterclass

Join senior leaders and managers for an interactive half-day masterclass.

Feedback. Telling someone something that will adversely affect them. Performance managing an employee to help them improve. All crucial to being a manager or leader. Conversations like these aren’t always easy. Yet they can define your success since your people will give you more or less depending on how well you communicate the important stuff with them. This half-day masterclass will give you the confidence to have challenging conversations that are more likely to yield a positive result with less stress – so you master courageous conversations.


To improve skills and confidence to have courageous conversations and be a more effective communicator by;
1. having confidence in how to steer challenging conversations to a more positive outcome;
2. better enabling you to identify challenging behaviours and the tactics people use;
3. being better prepared for having courageous conversations;
4. gaining a set of possible responses and tactics effective for bringing people round to your preferred outcome


The facilitator will explore different types of conversation and what makes them challenging. You will delve into communication theory and explore what is going on emotionally for participants including the change curve. The facilitator will guide you through best practice methods for preparing for and handling courageous conversations and giving and receiving feedback. You will learn how to identify the main challenging behaviours you are likely to come across, the tactics people use and effective ways you can respond. Most importantly, plenty of time will be given to skills practice so can try out your new skills in a safe environment, building your confidence for when you use them for real.
The masterclass covers:
1. What makes some conversations challenging, when they arise and the tactics people use?
2. What communication theory and the change curve looks like including the art of feedback?
3. How to prepare for and have courageous conversations?
4. What skills to apply to typical challenging behaviours and scenarios?


Half a day


Online Masterclass: £199.00
Bespoke Masterclass: £399.00

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